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Chairman Message

Chairman Message

I feel proud to state that Pakistan is marching fast on the path of swift progress and rapid development and promises to join the ranks of merging developed economies in the years to come. The country’s macro-economic outlook is positive, encouraging and bright. Investors have regained confidence in the economy and are upbeat. As a result of certain concrete steps taken by the Government to introduce structural eforms, simplify procedures and develop a reliable modern infrastructure an investment-friendly environment has come into being. Consequently, the inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the country has accelerated and a steady growth in exports is discernible.

The Export Processing Zones Authority offers the intending investors an excellent, amiable, market-friendly and secure atmosphere in its processing zones. The relevant operative procedures are simple, hassle-free, easy to understand and time-saving. The cost of doing business is competitive here as compared to other zones in the region, especially for manufacturing. There exists a bright prospect of profit-making in a myriad of projects ranging from consumer goods to mineral-based exploitation. I invite multinational companies, overseas Pakistani businessmen and big business houses in the country to come and have a close look at the investment opportunities being offered in Export Processing Zones of Pakistan. 


Updated on 29/05/2018