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      • Developed land on competitive rates for 30 years




      • Duty-free import of machinery, equipment and materials




      • Freedom from national import regulations




      • Exchange control regulations of Pakistan not applicable




      • Repatriation of capital and profits




      • No sales tax on input goods including electricity/gas bills




      • Duty-free vehicles allowed under certain conditions




      • Domestic market available to the extent of 20%. Exceptions may be available




      • Presumptive tax @ 1%




      • Only EPZA is authorized to collect Presumptive Tax at the thime of export of goods which would be final tax liability




      • Obsolete/old machiner can be sold in domestic market of Pakistan after payment of applicable duties & taxes




      • Defective goods/waste can be sold in domestic market after payment of applicable duties, maximum upto 3% of total value




      • EPZ units allowed to supply goods to Custom manufacturing bonds



Updated on 14/06/2017