About Epza

Export Processing Zones Authority is a Pakistan Government venture conceived and designed to increase and improve the exports of the country. Its main objectives are accelerating the pace of industrialization in the country and enhancing the volume of exports by creating an enabling environment for investors to initiate ambitious export-oriented projects in the Zones which would, as a corollary, create job opportunities, bring in new technology and attract foreign investment..

Established in 1980, the EPZA is one of the fast-growing projects undertaken by the government and carries a great appeal for both local and overseas investors. At EPZA we believe in providing quality services to achieve the goal of “export for progress.” The reason for our success in this venture is simple: we provide service with a mission. And this success would not have come about without active cooperation and participation of some other sectors which worked closely with us and helped us stand where we are today.

The EPZA is pursuing an extensive programme to create a network of export processing zones in Pakistan. These EPZs are being established in close cooperation or under joint venture arrangements with the private sector. We invite you to move ahead and join hands with us for a better tomorrow.