1. Receipt of Proposal

1.1 Proposal for setting up of an industrial or manufacturing unit shall be submitted on prescribed application form   for industrial sector. (Annexure-I)

1.2 Proposal for setting up of warehousing/trading unit shall be submitted on prescribed application forms for warehousing/ trading sector. (Annexure-II).

1.3 Proposal for setting up of service industry in the zone shall be submitted on application form meant for warehousing/trading sector.

1.4 Proposal for setting up of offshore banking unit (OBU) or a branch of insurance company in the Zone shall be submitted on the prescribed form meant for trading/warehousing. The proposal for OBU and Insurance company should be accompanied with prior approval/ license of State Bank of Pakistan and Controller of Insurance respectively.

2. Documents to be submitted along with the proposal:

2.1 For industrial units, the applicant shall attach the following documents/ information with the industrial sector proposal:

2.1.1 Description of manufacturing process, marketing arrangements etc.

2.1.2 List of plant, machinery, equipment.

2.1.3 List of furniture and fixtures.

2.1.4. Passport copy of the sponsor(s).

2.1.5. N.I.C Copy of the sponsor(s)

2.1.6. Articles/ Memorandum of Association in case of Private Ltd Co.

2.1.7. Partnership Deed in case of partnership concern.

2.1.8. Performa duly filled-in as per specimen indicated below:

  • Raw material to be imported with PCT classification& conditions/shape
  • Estimated annual imports value in US dollars
  • Processing involved. Final item to be produced with PCT classification
  • Estimated annual export abroad in US dollars
  • Estimated annual export to tariff area
  • Total in US dollars

2.2 For trading/warehousing, service industry and financial sector proposals. The documents mentioned at sub head 2.1.4 to 2.1.7 shall be attached.

3 Guidelines for filling up the project proposal form:

3.1 The applicant is advised to use project application form in original or downloaded from website. All costs should be expressed in US dollars, thousands and millions, as the case may be.

3.2 Complete information shall be furnished in respect of each item to avoid back reference and ensure expeditious appraisal.

3.3 An applicant is advised to provide the following information on all categories of proposals:

3.3.1 Sponsor’s complete name, residential / business address, valid contact numbers, present business, complete identification of sponsors’ representative, name of the proposed project in KEPZ, proposed status of the firm, envisaged investment, capital cost of the project, operational cost, sales revenue, time schedule for implementation of project, employment, utilities requirement, etc.

3.3.2 The form for industrial unit shall require projections about production capacity, product description, and cost of production.

3.3.3 In case of trading sector, details of proposed trading items shall be given likewise: service sector or financial sector proposal would indicate their specific line of proposed activities.

3.4. If there is any particular aspect of the project not covered in the form, all such relevant information may be submitted on the separate sheet together with the application.

3.5. Similarly, if certain information requested for in the project proposal form is not applicable or relevant, “Not Applicable” shall be written.

3.6. Wherever descriptive information is required, it may be provided focusing on the salient points.

3.7. Applicant(s) is advised to put his/ their initial or signature on all the annexure and descriptive material attached with the proposal.

3.8. It shall be noted that incomplete proposal will not be considered till such time that the proposal is complete and fully documented. The applicant shall ensure that the required documents/annexure are correctly furnished with the project proposal.

3.9. Manager (IP-II) shall help and assist the prospective investors in filling up the application forms.

4. Scrutiny of the proposal and circulation to Project Appraisal Committee (PAC)

4.1 On receipt of the proposal, Manager (IP-II) shall examine the intra-column consistency of the figures i.e. cost of the project, capital structure, production capacity, ex-factory cost, export (FOB) value and infrastructure/utilities requirements vis-à-vis the size of the project. Manager (IP-II) shall pass on the complete application form duly filled in along with complete enclosures to DM (IP) who will prepare four sets of the proposal and circulate the same under the signature of M (IPII) to Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) the same day for their observations/ comments within two working days. PAC consists of Divisional Heads of Investment Promotion, Facilities, Finance and Engineering Divisions of EPZA.

4.2 Each PAC Member shall give precise and definite comments regarding suitability or otherwise of the proposal along with observations or queries, if any.

4.3 No vague, perplexing or doubtful opinion shall be offered.

4.4 In case, any query or observation is received from any PAC members, Manager (IP-II) shall get the same clarified from the sponsors and reply forwarded to respective PAC member.

4.5 M(IP) shall consolidate the observations/ comments received from all PAC members, scrutinize the proposal and forward the case for approval of competent authority.