Investors Directory

Karachi Export Processing Zone

S.  No Name of Unit Name of owner Product line Address of the unit (Plot # & Sector #) Contact No.
Industrial Units
1 Beltexco Ltd. Mr. Mustaafa Kassim Industrial/medical safety gloves, household applications & industrial allied safety products. 6, 8-12 & 21-25 C-VII  35083577-78 35083484-35083494
2 Prime Safety Ltd Mr. Mustafa Kassim Manufacture industrial work gloves, PVC dipped gloves,  for DIP gloves and manufacturing of readymade garments. 4 to 8 & 15 to 19 C-I 38797025
3 Ghanchi Recycler (SMC-Pvt.) Limited (Ex-Casual Sportswear Mr. Aftab Manufacturing of Denim Garments, Sportswear and all other fashion wear garments 01-04 & 14-17 C-IV 35084308-09
4 YKK Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Tsuyoshi Izumi Garment Accessories (Mfg, of zippers, etc.,) 1-23 & 1-23 E-I & II 35085707-08
5 Midas Clothing  Mr. Mustafa Kassem Mr. Hussain Kassam Manufacturing of readymade garments.  1,2,8 & 9 A-VII 35081043-46
6 Rija Fashions Mr. Iqbal Ayub Manufacturing of knitted and woven garments.  12,  A-I  &           4,5,6 & 12, A-II 35081831-32
7 Blue Moon Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Jai Kumar & Mr. Jawahar Lal Food Processing raw material and finished products. 15 D-VI 0302.8380800 35081585
8 Hemani International (Pvt.) Ltd.   Mr. Mustafa M. Hussain Manufacturing of Hemani Brand Cream, Perfumery & Cosmetic Product etc. 11 & 07,15,16 A-IV & B-X 35080033 37096244-45
9 Sunpo Industries Mr. Salim Akhtar Manufacturing of Garments (Men's overall industrial clothing, rainwear) 01 & 08 A-VI 35082290-93 35080456
10 International Fragrance Corp. Mr. M. Usman Amin, Mr. Amin Younus Agarbatti, Incense Sticks & Essential Oils. 4,5,6,7,11,12,13,14 A-V 35082162-63 35083983
11 Insiya Packaging Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Manufacturing of Plastic granules & paper packaging. 08 B-XI 35080095
12 S.A.H Enterprise Mr. Siddiq Omer Mr. Hussan Siddique Boned Fiber, polyester wedding & corrugated cartons. 44,5,6, 13, 14, 15 B-IX 35082288-89 35082252-54
13 Lone Star Rags (Private) Limited (Expansion) Mr. Waseeem Akhter and Mr. Muhammad Saleem Manufacturing of Fashion Garments Ladies etc. 13 & 14 B-V 92-21-35130812-3, and 92-3212594643
14 A.Q & Company International Mr. Babar Hashmi Production of cosmetics, perfumery, totiletry preparations and herbal preparations. 03 A-II & F-13, C-VIII 35082216
15 Alupak Ltd. Mr. Haji Nazim Mr. Adil Haji Light Engineering industry to produce empty aluminium collapsible tubes. 01 & 02 B-VII & B-IV (A-1) 35084820 35084821
16 Polygal AG Mr. Heinrich Jurg Steinlin Mr. Farhat Ali Manufacturing of hydrolished water soluble polymer/derivatives 08 to 11 & 19 to 22 C-II 35082085-86
17 Denim Clothing  & Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Farhan Hanif. Manufacturing of apparels, textile garments. 06, 07, 08 & 09 B-VII 35082299 35081339
18 Pak Hua Industrial Co (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Su, Chunchen & Mr. Su, Jung Ching Manufacturing of Packaging bag from Plastic (PEVA) 06, 07 & 08 D-VI 35082241
19 Modern Plastic Industries Mr. Zakaria M. Esmail Godil Mr. M. Ismail Godil Mr. M. Ateeq Godil Recycling of plastic moulding compound manufacturing cum-processing of paper items. 08 A-II 35082202
20 Saztex (Pvt.) Limited (Ex-Mast Qalandar) Mr. Azhar Nazim Haji Mr. Sadiq Nazim Manufacturing of Garments, (Knitted/woven), Home Textile made-ups  17 C-V  
21 Shaan Technolgies (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Pervaiz Lodhi Mr. Shahid Siddiqui Electronic component assembly unit for assembly of light emitting diodes (led) wire, plastic or metal components. 22 C-III 35080018-19
22 Swano Textile Mr.  Eqbal Ahmed Manufacturing of readymade garments & Textile Dying & Washing  14 C-V 35082275- 35082276
23 Multi Food Industries Mr. Ahsan Arif Godil Mr. Arshad Arif Godil Processing of ferrozen food items. 02 & 03 A-III 35085187- 35082110-
24 Marvel Metal Products (Pvt.) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Anees Manufactuirng of iron wire Hanger 6,7,8,15 & 16 D-VIII 32214178-82
25 Shahzad Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Abdul Rauf Manufactuirng of Woven and knitted garments. & Additional Business Activity of UTC 5,6,7,12,13,14 A-VII 35084307-08-09-10
26 Developed Technologies Mr. Mahmood Shafi Batla Mr. Dawood Shafi Batla Coating, lamination and conversion of metalized plastic film into rolls, reels. (Spangles) 03 & 26 B-VII & C-VI 35084205-35084605 35084705
27 United International Industries Mr. Zakaria Esmail Godil Mr. M. Ismail Godil Mr. M. Ateeq Godil School/office stationery computer forms. 02 (A-II) 01 & 07 (A-I) 35082202
28 Japan Packages Mr. Imran Hanif Mr. Aamir Hanif Mr. Farrukh Hanif Packing Materials Mfg. (Polypropylene woven bags & products and polythylene bags & products) 15 & 21 C-III 35080593-35081708
29 ITD Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd.,  Mrs. Nuzhat Ikramullah, Mr.  Hussain Ahmed Madani, Ms. Shabana Pasha manufacturing of Textile products i.e. Hospital textiles aged care homes, home textiles, industrial cleaning textile 03 B-VIII 35082171
30 Home Furnishing Ltd Mr. Ahmed Tabba Paper & Packaging P.P/PVC/Plastic Products. 1,2,10,11 B-IX 35082156-57-58
31 Packages International Mr. Ather Ali Plastic/Paper & Board, packing & printing material & Sorting, grading & recycle of plastic waste material & PET bottles. 18 C-V 35081914 35083482
32 Zahabiy Chemical Industries Mr. Faiyaz Husain Firozi Manufacturing of Industrial Chemical & allied product. 14 B-VIII 35082323-24
33 Moto speed Mr. Nadeem Rashid Mr. Rizwan Rashid Nylon jackets & rainwear for motorcyclists 09 A-IV 35082215
34 Evan & Mayer International Mr.Shahzad Sheikh Mrs. Sabina Shahid Mr. Salman Sheikh Manufacturing of cosmetics, toiletories & perfumes. 10 C-IV 35084674 34302505
35 Muhammad Saeed & Muhammad Hussain (PH-II) Mr. Faisal  Hussain Mr. Sheikh Hamid Mr. Farooque Saeed Mrs. Kausar Hussain Natural Sausage casings (outer covering of sausages) 01 E-III 35130972-73
36 Sun Gravure Mr. Shafique Ahmed Mr. Muhammad Tariq Plastic products, canvas cloth, paper/printing and packaging. 12 A-IV 35082187
37 General Tobacco Company Mr. S. Muhammad Ali Manufacturing of Cigarette & manufacturing of cigarette plants. 08 & 21 C-V 35081105
38 Eurotex Mr. Humayun Iqbal manufacturing of Textile products i.e. Hospital textiles aged care homes, home textiles, industrial cleaning textile 05 C-III 35082107 35082108
39 Texpak Industries Mr. Asif Ali Humayun Textile Processing, Yarn Twisting, Doubling, Converting, Fabric Manufacturing & Cutting. 09 A-III 38280086
40 AAA Packages (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Mohammad Faheem Plastic/Paper & Board, packing & printing material & Sorting, grading & recycle of plastic waste material & PET bottles. 15 D-II 32424320
41 Munawwar Inernational Mr. Irfan Ahmed Process of Papers proudcts 09, 11, 20, 21 & 22 C-I 35083804 35083805
42 Rehbros Embroidery Yarn Mr. Nadeem Rehmani. Mfg., of metallic viscose, embroidery yarn 03 &12 B-IX 35081253 35081256
43 G.B. Global  Mr. Muhammad Arif Mr. Muhammad Atif Mr. Muhammad Akif Manufacture/fabrication/overhauling/upgrading & rebuilding of machinery & plant. 22 & 23 C-V 35081677 35081074
44 Galaxy Garments Mrs. Najma Kader Mr. M. Ashraf Tayab Manufacturing of Readymade Garments. 04 & 05 B-VII 35082121
45 So~Safe Ineternatinal Mr. Sultam Mahmood manufactuirng/assembly of water purification equipment plant 17 & 18A B-VI 35081144
46 Ziqi Enterprise Mr. M. Yasin Paracha Toys & Games (Stuffed Toys), Manufacturing of Readymade Garments/Textiles. 02 & 09 A-VI 35082329-31 35081024
47 Space Multipurpose Industries Mr. Zakaria M. Esmail Godil Mr. M. Ismail Godil P.P. / Plastic Products, Canvas Cloth, Paper/Printing & Packaging 01 A-II 35082204-4
48 Mersi Food Inds Mr. Feroz Abdullah Memon Manufacturing of Spices 02 & 15 C-VI 35082212-13-14
49 Vision Tech Export International (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Khurram Shahzad Processing Eye Glasses/optical 03 & 04 E-III 0300-2168809 35419612
50 Union Enterprise Mr. Akhter Jameel Rehmani Plastic Products, Canvas Cloth, Paper/Printing & Packaging. 01 A-IV 0300.8233048
51 Multi Garment & Print International Mr. Saleem Paracha Printing material stickers & polybags, corrugated cartons & readymade Garments 06 C-III 35082205-06-07
52 New Techno Plastic Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Ather Ali Sherwani Manufacturing / recycling, sorting, grading, slitting of plastic material. 08 A-III 35083482 35081914
53 International Industrial Services Mr. Feroze Ahmed Plastic Products, canvas cloth, paper/printing and packaging. 07 B-VIII 35082167-68
54 Fong Heng (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. W.U.Chuan Chan, Mr. WU Cheng DA, Mr. Edward Hsieh & Mr. DU Dongjin Handicrafts/marble/onyx, handicraft items from brass. 06, 07, 17 & 18 C-II 35082239-41
55 Ahmed Food International Mian Ziauddin Shaikh Jams, Pickles, Spices. 11, 12, 23 & 24 C-III 35082389 35081358
56 Polytek International Mr. Mansur Thariani Toys, Plastic Goods & Allied Products. 15, 16 & 17 B-VIII 35082247-49
57 NY Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Rahim Abdul Ghani Mr. Irfan Abdul Ghani Undertake Refurbishment Old/Used Computer/CRT Monitors for Converting into Television. 14 E-III 35130988 0321-8209031
58 Dehlawi Optical Industries Mr. M. Younus Dehlawi Mr. Tariq Saeed Dehlawi Opthalmic lenses and optical accessories. 11, 12, 13,24& 25 C-VI  35084826-8
59 Alpha Industries. Mr. M. Ayaz Patel Manufacturing of Textile goods/ Garments & Fashion Garment  05 A-IV  
60 Repro-Krc (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Shafqat Film conversion & packaging of  X-ray films. 14 C-III 35082269
61 Ansa Industries Mr. Asif Saleem Manufacturing of Textile Made-ups 05, 15 & 16 C-II 35082050 35083503
62 Paradise Industrial Corp Mr. Zafar Shafiq Cosmetics, Toiletries raw materials (essential oils & lotions) 08, 09 & 20 C-III 35082258-59
63 Safai Onyx Marble Handicraft (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Edward Hsieh Handicrafts in Onyx / Marble / Metal / Brass, Artificial Jewelry, Woodwork and slabs / tiles / blocks 03 & 10 D-III  
64 Farhan Industries Mr. Amir Ali Electric insulation material, electrical goods, PVC/Polyester packaging material etc. 14 B-VII 35082484-86
65 Arsei Paper Converting Ind. Mr. Shamim Ahmed Mr. Fahim Shamium Converting of jumbo rolls of paper, paper board, duplex board, wood free paper. 04 A-IV 35082078
66 Laiba Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Khurram Mandwawala Mr. Mohammad Nadir Manufacturing of Plastic Items & other general Household items. 02 E-III 0333-2131383 35130711
67 Monaco Industries Mr. Ashraf Godil Assembly and manufacture of audio-video cassettes and plastic related items (children in-door ), food processing. 16 B-VII 35080031 35082306
68 Plas-Met International Mr. Muhammad Najam Ahmed, Recycling of Ferrous & non-ferrous metails, plastic. 13 A-III 34209510
69 Zaf Polymers Mr. Syed Faraz Alam Mr. S.M Zaheer Alam Ms. Ghazala Zaheer Manufacturing of Polypropylene Mats, Disposable Cutlery and Recycling. 03, 04  & 11 A-VII 35083845
70 Diamond Classic (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Shahid & Mr. Muhammad Riaz Ahmed Recycling of Plastic Materials (Excluding PVC) 07 & 14 D-I 35130809
71 Combine Holding (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Amin Nathani, & Mr. M. Ashfaq Nathani Manufacturing of machinery & assembling units/parts made of plastic material and manufacturing of disposable cups/plates & re-cycling of plastic material 10,11 & 21 E-V 0300-9259969
72 Jubilee Foundation Garments Mr. Mohammad Amin Patel Manufactuirng of Garments & Accessories 15 B-VII 35082178-79
73 A.K Lubricant Shaikh Fazal-e-Khalil Processing of Crude Tar 13 C-III 35082032 35082033
74 Cedar Conifer Mrs. Rabia Khan manufacturing of Plastic parts, injection molding, wire harness 09 & 22 C-IV 3008780059
75 SSJD BIO Processing (Pvt.) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Shunaid Qureshi Mr. Junaid Qureshi Distillation of Impure Ethanol into Refine Ethanol. 1-6 & 8-13 D-VII 35131013
76 Hiba Tex Mr. Humair Sheikha Manufacturing of Metallic Yarn / Twisting / Reel Winding, Yarn Metal Processing & Color Coated Films 07 C-III 0300.9228321
77 Unipack Industry Mr. Malik Naseem Producing Corrugated Cotton, Corrugated Rolls & Paper Bags. 01 & 02 C-VI 35083452-54
78 Afuso Packaging & Printing Industry. (PH-II) Mr. Asfhraf Ali Mr. Muhammed Umer                 Mr. Muhammed Faisal Corrugated Rolls / cartons and paper bags 08 D-III 35131088 37617500
79 ABM Industries G 3 Mr. Abdul Karim Jangda, Mr. Mohammad Subhan & Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim Manufacturing of Garments & in addition of Food itmes 06, 07, 13, 14 A-IV 0300-2626028
80 A.R. Plastic (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Altaf Hussain Mrs. Rahila Altaf Mr. Abdul Ghafar Manufacturing of Plastic made Building Material from polyethylene vinyl acetate/non-toxic/processing of allied plastic products 12 A-III 0300.8233335
81 American Gold Mr. Hamad Mushtaq Mr. Hassan Ali Manufacturing of Garments / Apparels, Textile Made-up & In House Washing Facility 12, 13 & 14 C-I 0313-80080404
82 MOC Industries Mr. Zahir Rehman Mr. M. Majum Ahmed Processing of Metals 03 C-VII 35080737 36661146
83 Ghia Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Shahid, Mr. Muhammad Ismail Aziz & Mr. Muhammad Asif Manufactuirng of garments & Accessories 06 A-III 3219299440
84 Hemani International (Pvt.) Ltd.  (Expansion) (PH-II) Mr. Mustafa Hemani, Mr. Muhammad Zohair & Mrs. Ruqaiya Mustafa, manufacturing of herbs, herbal  oil, petroleum jelly, wet tissues, herbal perfumery, cosmetics and allied products 01 & 08 D-V  
85 Takeba Industrial Corporation Mr. Ashraf M. Latif Yarn Processing  07-09, 16-18 B-IX  
86 City Clothing (Pvt.) Ltd.. (Ex-Royal Paper & Plastic Products (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Aijaz Khan Mr. Fida Hussain, Manufacturing Textile goods/garments, & Fashion Garments Products & allied product  09 C-VI  
  Advance Electronics Int'l Mr. Masood Pervaiz & Mrs. Muniza Masood manufacturing textile goods/garments, & fashion garments products & allied products 24 C-IV  
88 R & D Precision Exports (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Roomi Moiz Mr. Omar Zaman Precision Mechanical Parts 07 & 14 D-VII  
89 Asian Sources Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Mrs. Aziz-In-Nisa Begum Injection Molding, Manufacturing to Produce Plastic Recyclable Items. 03 & 04 C-VIII 35080043
90 Azeem Tex. Mr. Jamiluddin Qureshi Manufacturing of Garments 16 B-VI  
91 Bin Ahmed Engineering Industry (Pvt. ) Ltd. Mr. Sohail Ahmed Ms. Kausar Naeem Manufacturing / Fabrication of Metal & Metallurgical Components & Solar Products 13, 25 & 26 C-V 36670877-78
92 Dynamic Plastic Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.,  Mr. Ali Akber & Mr. Malik Abdul Islam Manufacturing of Plastic Goods /Poly bags/Plastic film 04 C-II  
93 N.S. Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Nawaz, Processing and Splitting of pulses, rice and food grains  03 & 04 C-VI  
94 M/s. A & Y Food Industries  (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Arif Muhammad Ismail Processing & packaging of all types of halal food products (frozen, dried, liquid) and allied food items 01 A-III  
95 Jubilee Apparel Mr. Muhammad Amin  Patel Mnaufacturing of Garments 02 & 03 A-IV  
96 Jubilee Knitwear Industries Mr. Muhammad Amin Patel  Manufacturing of textile fabrics Garments accessories and textile garments 10 C-III  
97 Greenz International (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Zeeshan Abdul Ghaffar Manufactuirng of textile Garments with garments accessories 14,15,16,17 B-XI  
98 Greenz International (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. (Expansion unit) Mr. Zeeshan Abdul Ghaffar Manufactuirng of textile Garments with garments accessories 05 B-XI  
99 Perfect Packaging Private Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Siraj Manufactuirng of Packaging & material/ corrugated cartons and plastic shopping bags 19 C-III  
100 Ghanchi Global Plastic Recycling (SMC-Pvt.) Limited. (Ex-Sino Impex) Mr. Aftab Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals i.e Iron, Steel, Lead, Aluminum, Copper, Nickle 12 A-VI  
101 Pak-British Safety Glass Co     18 C-IV  
102 Unipack Industry (Ex-Fujiplus Internatinal (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd.) Mr. Malik Mohammad Naseem Manufacturing of Paper Packaging Goods 18 B-VIII  
103 Premier Stitching Mr. Ahmed Tabba Manufacturing of Bed Sheets, Curtains & Accessories 08, 09, 17, 18 B-X  
104 Rainbow Enterprise Mr. Sheikh M. Zaki Mr. Kashif Zaki Assembly Cum Manufacturing of Clocks & Watches 08 A-IV  
105 Lone Star Rags (Pvt.) Limited (Ex-Sabah Apparel) Mr. Muhammad Salim, Mr. Waseem Akhtar Manufacturing of Fashion Garments of Ladies, Men and Children, Sportswear Garments i.e. T-Shirts, Shorts, Athletic Dresses, Knitted Garments and Home Textiles items 01 B-V  
106 Fujiwara Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Asai Haruyuki Masaco Sakisuka Syed Ali Asad Manufactuirng of bedding,  bath towels & interior home textile made ups 01, 02 & 03 B-VI  
107 Denim Clothing  & Company  (Pvt.) Ltd. (Expansion) Mr. Farhan Hanif & Mrs. Iqra Sohail Manufacturing of Readymade Garments. 04, 05, 16 & 17 B-V  
108 Achack Enterprises   Reconditioning of construction machinery 15, 16, 19 C-VII  
109 Imperial Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. (Industrial unit) Mr. Ahmed Raza Mfg.,/ Recycling of Ferrous & non-ferrous metals 10 B-X  
110 Macks Electronics     04 & 05 A-III  
111 Fellini International.     13 A-II  
112 Bahrain Recycling Project.     02 C-III  
113 Dynamic Plastic Industries (Pvt.) Ltd., (Expansion Unit) Mr. Ali Akber & Mr. Malik Abdul Islam Plastic Converting & Printing Industry & Gum Base Manufacturing 03 & 14 Sector C-II  
114 Falcon International Industrial Co     10 A-III  
115 Reclaimed Apparel (Pvt) Ltd.  Mr. Waleed Saleem   02, 03, 09 & 10 A-V Mob.92-03340226464
116 Pearl Lubricants     03 C-III  
117 R & B Industries Mr. Waqar Insha  Kitchlew Manufacturing of Packaging material and garments with the addition of herbal and cosmetics products 17 B-VII  
118 E & U Foods (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Umair Mukhtar & Mr. Danish Elahi Wheat flour Mills & allied products 23 & 25 C-IV  
119 Eurotex Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Mustafa Humayun Mr. Humayun Iqbal Manufacturing Cutting Monding Packing, Embroing, Yarn Twisting & Covering Allied Activity. 07 D-II  
120  M/s. S.H. Packages (Pvt.) Ltd.  (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Hanif Machiyara, Mr. Sohail Shabbir & Ms. Iqra Hanif manufacturing of Packaging Material i.e. (corrugated cartons & poly bags 16,17 & 18 E-III  
121 Metro Packages (SMC Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Mohammad Fahad Recycling of Plastic Material, Paper, Ferrous/Non Ferrous Matal (Excluding PVC). 15 E-III  
122 American Safety Power Tools (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Mohammad Ashraf, Mrs. Reshma Ashraf Manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment i.e. Garments,Safety Shoes & Fibers 01, 02, 12 & 13 E-IV  
123 Hemani International (Expansion) (PH-II) Mr. Mustafa Muhammed Hussain Hemani Manufacturing Herbal Tea, Herbal Oil, Honey, Cosmetics & Allied Products. 04 & 15 E-IV  
124 Y.G Textile Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. M. Yaseen Essa. Manufacturing of Bed Sheets, Comforters, Textile Fabrics, Garments & Garments Accessories 18 E-IV  
125 Yaqiq Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. M. Shahzad Manufacturing of Bathroom Fitting & Accessories & Plastic Hardware Items for House Hold & Industrial Use 20 E-V  
126 Faith Minerals (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Wu Congke Mr. Sugano Eiji Manufacturing of Talc Powser & Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products 07, 08, 18 & 19 E-V  
127 Beltexco Ltd (Extension) Mr. Mustaafa Kassim Designing / Manufacturing / Fabrication of Gloves Manufacturing, Machines, Formers / Related Spare Parts 10 & 23 C-VI  
128 Rija Fashions (Expansion) Mr. Iqbal Ayub Manufacturing of readymade Garments. 07 & 14 A-II 35081831-32
129 Mahnoor Food Industries. (PH-II) Mr. Zakaria Mohammed Esmail Godil Producation /Processing of Food Items & Labeling 06 & 07 D-III  
130 NY Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) (Expansion) Mr. Rahim Abdul Ghani Mr. Irfan Abdul Ghani Undertake Refurbishment Old/Used Computer/CRT Monitors for Converting into Television. 13 E-III 35130988 0321-8209031
131 Gaziani Hi-Tech International (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Saleh Gaziani & Mr. Muhammad Salman Mnufacture of PE film, PP closure tape, frontal tape from fresh plastic & plastic printing for baby diapers. 17 &18 C-III 0300-8238889
132 M/s. Elfy Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Aziz Shaikh & Mr. Mohammed Yousuf manufacturing of glues, adhesives, sealants, lubricants & hardware products & material handling equipment 08 C-VI 0321-8256966
133 M/s. Salwa International (Pvt.) Ltd (Ex-Wasa Printers (Pvt.) Ltd.) Mr. Waseem Akhter & Mr. Muhammad Saleem Manufacturing of all kinds of Garments & Textile made-up Products and allied Products and Sportswear  10 A-II  
134 Opulent Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Iqbal Billo, Mrs. Nasima Billo, Mr. Saqib Billo Manufacturing of textile garments home textile & home furnishings 09 B-VI  
135 IF Zipper Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Muhammad  Idress Gigi Manufacturing of Garment accessories & Packing material KPEZ Ph-III  
136 Noble Impex (Industrial unit # 1) Mr. Muhammad Noman manufacturing/recycling of Plastic material. & UTC 02 & 03 B-XI  
137 Noble Impex (Industrial unit # 2) Mr. Muhammad Noman manufacturing/recycling of Plastic material. & UTC 04,11,12,13 B-XI  
138 American Safety Power Tool  (Pvt.) Ltd. (Garment unit)(PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Qadri & Mrs. Reshma Asharaf Manufactuirng of readymade garments 01 D-VI  
139 Euro Clothing (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Eqbal Ahmed Mr. Shakeel Ahmed, Mr. Feroze Ahmed & Mr. Jamil Ahmed Manufacturing of readymande  garments. 01 C-V 35082275- 35082276
B Processing / Recycling (UTC) Units
140 ABC Rag Company Mr. Akhter Hussain Used Textile Clothing 01, 02, 12 & 13 C-II 35085213-14
141 Al-Wadaq Industry International Mr. Abdul Qahir, Mr. Muhammad Amin, Used Textile Clothing 04, 05, 13 & 14 B-X 0300-2125662
142 Bennatex Exports Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Used Textile Clothing  05 (B-VIII) & 11 & 24 (C-V) 35082074-75
143 Crystal Holding Limited Mr. Sikandar, Mr. Asaf Nasser & Mr. Siraj Hassanali Muraji Used Textile Clothing 01, 10 & 11 B-VIII 35082251 35428443
144 Danish Textiles Recycling FZC Mr. Abid Iqbal Used Textile Clothing 08 B-VIII 35085731-33
145 Friends Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed Shaikh Used Textile Clothing 17 C-VII 35081544 35886611
146 Galaxy Rags Mr. Farhan Idrees & Mr. Peer Rehman, Used Textile Clothing 22 C-VI  
147 W.V. Rags Mr. Wali Khan, Used Textile Clothing 06 A-1 35085575
148 Hand Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Arshad Hussain Mr. M. Shoaib Aslam Used Textile Clothing 02, 03, 15 &16 C-V 35081090 35081094
149 Ideas Recycling (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Saleem Used Textile Clothing 01 & 08 A-V 35085395-96
150 Kareem Quality Rags Mr. Ghulam Abbas Mr. Kamran Haider Used Textile Clothing 06 & 07 C-VI 35081572-3
151 Liberty Gold Rags. Mr. Shoaib Mushtaq, Mr. Shair Ali, Mr. Barkat Hassan Ali, Mr. Adil Khoja, Used Textile Clothing 01, 02 & 03 C-I 0313-80080404
152 Tritex Clothing (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Irfan Used Textile Clothing 11 A-III  
153 Nobel Impex Mr. Noman Used Textile Clothing 05, 06, 07, 19 & 20 (C-IV) 35081262
154 Nobel Impex( Expansion unit) Mr. Noman Used Textile Clothing 08, & 21  (C-IV)  
155 Oxy Traders. Mr. Abdul Samad, Used Textile Clothing 06 B-VIII 0321-8299861
156 Pakistan Japan Petrochemical (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Ahmed Used Textile Clothing 03, 04, 10 & 11 A-VI 35130731-32
157 S.A.S. Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Abid Used Textile Clothing 04 & 16 CIII 35085600-02
158 Sunrise Rags Co Mr. Mohd. Riaz Ahmed Used Textile Clothing 05, 16, 17,18 & 19 C-VI 35085701-04
159 Universal Recyclers (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Mohammed Hassan Used Textile Clothing 04, 12 & 13 (B-VIII) 35085567-70
160 Usman Global Trading Mr. Mohd. Altaf Used Textile Clothing N-11, N-10, 12 & 13 C-VIII 35084338-40
161 Uzair Exports Mr. Abdul Khalid Used Textile Clothing 04, 05, 08, 09, 10 & 11 A-I  
162 S.I. Global Trading (Expansion) Mr. Imran Ali Muhammad Used Textile Clothing 09 A-II  
163 Crystal Clothing (Pvt.) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Asaf Ali Nasir, Mr.Siknder Muraj, Mr.Siraj Muraj  Used Textile Clothing 05, 06, 12 & 13 D-I 35131063-6 0300-2144335
164 Prime Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Akhtar Hussain Mr. Ashique Hussian Used Textile Clothing 04 & 05 D-III 35130771 0322-2001672
165 Retex Global (Pvt) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Rafiq  Tharia Mr. M. Ashraf Used Textile Clothing 01-15 D-IV 35131073-78
166 J.& K. Textile International. (PH-II) Mr. M. R. Bhimji Mr. M. Kappaya Mr. Farooq G. Danawala Used Textile Clothing 01-06 & 08-14 D-II 0333-2358010
167 Global Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Muhammed Noman Mr. Muhammed Shahid Mr. Muhammed Riaz Used Textile Clothing 04, 05, 13 & 14 D-VI 35085701
168 M. Mawji & Sons In'l Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Mehmood Mawji Mr. Hasnain Mawji Mr. Abbas Mawji Used Textile Clothing 01-05 & 09-14 D-VIII 0321-2122526
169 Denim Clothing Company (Pvt.) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Farhan Hanif Used Textile Clothing 5 E-III  
170 Rida Clothing (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Ali Abbas, Mr. Mohmmad Abbas Used Textile Clothing 08, 19 & 20 E-III 0300-2029792
171 G.K. Rags Mr. Mubarik Ahmed  Kahlon Used Textile Clothing 11 & 12 B-X  
172 Indetex Mr. Zaffar Uddin Haider Used Textile Clothing 08 B-VI  
173 Greens International. Mr. Zeeshan Abdul Ghaffar, Used Textile Clothing 06 & 07 B-XI  
174 Ghanchi Rags 72 Mr. M. Imran Ahmed Used Textile Clothing 10 B-VIII  
175 Bushra International Mr.Muhammad Hanif Used Textile Clothing 11 & 12 B-VII 0300-8292160
176 ZA Enterprises Mr. Masoom Ali Used Textile Clothing 12 C-IV  
177 S.I. Global Trading Mr. Imran Ali Muhammad Used Textile Clothing 07 B-VI  
178 American Rags (Pvt.) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Saleem Used Textile Clothing 2, 3, 4, 9,10 & 11 D-I  
179 Naba International Exports (Pvt.) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Raheel Mr. Hassan Used Textile Clothing 01 D-I  
180 WTC-Textile (Pvt.) Ltd (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Salim & Mr. Waseem Akhtar, Used Textile Clothing 11-14 D-III  
181 M.F. Lakhani & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Muhammed Farooq Mr. Muhammed Amir Used Textile Clothing 02, 11 & 12 D-VI  
182 Pakistan Japan Petrochemical, (Expansion Unit) (PH-II) Mr. Ahmed Used Textile Clothing 16 & 17 D-VI  
183 Costex (Pvt.) Limited. (PH-II) Mr. Hassan Askari Mrs. Shaheen Hussain Used Textile Clothing 03 D-VI  
184 Fabtex Clothing (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Fahim, Mr. Mohmmad Rehan Used Textile Clothing 06 & 07 E-IV  
185 Amar & Sons Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Abdul Majeed Mrs. Tahira Majeed Used Textile Clothing 09-11 & 20-22 E-IV 0300-2395692
186 M.Y.U. Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Asif Usman Used Textile Clothing 03, 04, 05 & 06 E-V  
187 Nashmia Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Abid Iqbal & Mr. Muhammad Uzair, Used Textile Clothing 4,5,9,10,11,12 & 13 E-VI  
188 Silver Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Younus Mr. Shoaib Sikandar. Mr. Sikander Esmail Mr. Umair Yousuf. Used Textile Clothing 01,02,12 & 13 E-V 35131053-56 0333-3133345 0300-9272370 0302-4315123
189 Silver Denim (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Younus Mr. Shoaib Sikandar. Mr. Sikander Esmail Mr. Umair Yousuf. Used Textile Clothing 14, 15, 16 & 17 E-V 0333-3133345 0300-9272370 0302-4315123
190 Global Recycler  (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr Munir Hussain & Mrs. Shehnaz, Used Textile Clothing 09 & 10 D-VI  
191 Fortune Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Ahmed Shah, Mr. Fahad Pervaiz & Mr. Pervaiz Ahmed Bajwa Used Textile Clothing 08 & 19 E-IV 0300-8670327
192 S.M. Traders (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Shahid Processing/Recycling of UTC 03 & 14 E-IV  
193 Karima Textile Recycler (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Arshad Hussain, Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Mr. Bilal Muhammad Used Textile Clothing 01-03 & 06-08 E-VI  
194 Friends Services (Pvt.) Ltd.(Expansion Ph-II) Mr. Mukhtar Ahmed Shaikh & Mr. Rashid Mukhtar, Processing/Recycling of UTC 01, 02 & 09 D-III  
195 Hamza Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Munaf Used Textile Clothing 08 (D-I) 0300-8265448
196 Saltex (Pvt.) Ltd.   Used Textile Clothing 2,3,4,9,10 & 11 D-V)  
197 Uzair Exports (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Abdul Khalid, Mrs. Ayesha Danish Mrs. Hanifa Abid Used Textile Clothing 5,6,7,12,13 & 14 D-V  
198 M/s. Qadri Qureshi General  Trading (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. M. Ashraf Qadri, & Mrs. Reshma Ashraf, Used Textile Clothing 18 (B-VII)  
199 AMAFHH Enterprise Mr. Imran Ali & Mrs. Shagufta Naz Used Textile Clothing 02 B-V  
200 MF Roomi International (Pvt.) Ltd., (PH-II) Mr. Muhammad Kashif, Mr. Saqib Muhammad Farooq & Mr. Muzammil Muhammad Farooq, Used Textile Clothing 17 E-IV  
201 M/s. Chal Chal Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Abu Bakar, Mr. Ahmed Abdul Sattar, Mr. Haji Faisal Abdul Sattar, Used Textile Clothing 1,2,3,4,5&6 (B-I)  
202 Moon Rags (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Muhammad Shahid & Mr. Muhammad Moeen Used Textile Clothing 09 (7 & 8) B-I  
203 Z.A. Enterprises (Expansion) Mr. Masoom Ali Used Textile Clothing 13 & 26 C-IV  
204 Delta Star Industries (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Adnon Motiwalla Mr. Yakub Motiwalla Used Textile Clothing 02 & 03 A-I  
205 YDS Global (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Ashraf Used Textile Clothing 01 & 14 C-VI  
206 Trade Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Farooq Mr. Aftab Ahmed Used Textile Clothing 05, 06, 07, 13 & 14 A-VI  
207 Kareem Quality Rags (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Ghulam Abbas Karjatwala Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 09,10,11,21 & 22 E-III  
208 Resale International (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Amer Nazim, Mr. Azhar Nazim & Mrs. Shazia Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 15 B-VI  
209 Galaxy Rags (Expansion) Mr. Farhan Idress & Mr. Peer Rehman Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes,  20 & 21 C-VI 35081691.000
210 Jackson Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Ahsan Raza, Mr. Salman Raza & Mr. Aftab Ahmed Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 4,5,6,13&14 B-VI  
211 Zeal Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Ahsan Raza, Mr. Salman Raza & Mr. Aftab Ahmed Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 10,11,&12 B-VI  
212 Pacific Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. Haji Sikander & Mr. Umair Yousuf Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 11, 12, 23, 24 B-V  
213 Atlantic Textile (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Shoaib Sikander & Mr. Mohammad Younus Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 08-10 & 20-22 B-V  
214 M/s. Universal Rags (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Hassan & Mr. Muhammad Qasim Hussain Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 6,7,18 & 19, B-V 021-35085567
215 M/s. Sunrise Rags Co., (Pvt.) Ltd. (Expansion unit) Mr. M. Riaz Ahmed Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 4 & 5, C-VII   
216 M/s. Saztex (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Azhar Haji Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 4 & 5 C-V  
217 M/s. Imperal Rags (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Saleem Raza Mr. Ahsan Raza Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 3,15 (B-V) D-10 (B-XI)  
218 Resale Inernational (Pvt.) Ltd. (Exapnsion unit) Mr. Amer Nazim Haji & Ms. Shazia Iqbal Agha Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 09 B-VIII  
219 M/s. H & M Textile Recycling (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Muzammil Hanif, Mr. Muhmmad Hanif & Mrs. Shabana Hanif Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 6, 7, 19 & 20 C-V  
220 M/s. Bushra International  (expansion unit)  Mr. Muhammad Hanif, Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 13 B-VII  
221 M/s. Hadi International (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Nabeel Tariq, Mrs. Shazia Nabeel & Mr. Raheel, Used Textile Clothing, along-with other worn articles, used shoes, 14 A-III  
C Trading Units        
222 Beltexco Ltd Mr. Mustaafa Kassim Warehousing / Trading 07, 20 & D-8 C-VII  
223 Prime Safety Limited Mr. Mustafa Kassim Warehousing / Trading 04 C-I  
224 Allied Trading (Fidai) Mr. Fahim Shamim Mrs. Nadia Fahim Warehousing / Trading D-14 C-VII 35080637
225 Munawwar Trading Mr. Irfan Ahmed Mr. Rehan Ahmed Warehousing / Trading 10 C-I 35083804-5
226 Sunrise International Trading Mrs. Hajiani Kulsoom Warehousing / Trading G-10 B-XI 32442323
227 Al Mawajeh (Pvt.) Ltd. (Ex-M.H. Trading Co.) Mr. Arshad Pervaiz Mr. Muhammad Hasnain Warehousing / Trading C-14 C-VII 0321.9250333
228 Sardar Enterprises Mr. Jawad Rashid Mr. Waqar Insha Warehousing / Trading C-7 C-VIII 0300.8458333
229 Arsei Trading Corp Mr. Ibrahim Shamim Mr. Nadeem Shamim Warehousing / Trading K8 & L9 C-VIII 35080792
230 Napco International Mr. Sheikh M. Naeem Mrs. Naureen Naeem Warehousing / Trading F-10 B-XI 32724431
231 Gulf Trading Mr. Iqbal Ayub Warehousing / Trading 11 A-II  
232 World Wide Traders Mr. Abdul Samad Mr. Noman Essa Warehousing / Trading I-9 B-XI 32353080
233 White Star International  Mr. Ather Sherwani Warehousing / Trading F-1 B-XI 35083482 35081914
234 Health Supplies General Trading Mr. Karim Ibrahim Mr. M. Ahmed Warehousing / Trading A-5 C-VIII 35081616
235 Barry International (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Shahrukh Tahir & Mr. Nofil Tahir Barry Warehousing / Trading B-6 C-VIII  
236 Imperial General Trading Mr. M. Mehmood Mr. Danish Ali Warehousing / Trading M-18 B-XI 0321.2212027
237 Cyma Enterprise Inc. Mr. M. Hussain Omer Warehousing / Trading J-18 B-XI 35082252-54
238 Sitara Trading Mr. Abrar Patel Warehousing / Trading E-9 C-VIII  
239 Glorex International Mr. M. Ilyas Haider Mr. Kashif Zaki Warehousing / Trading G-11 C-VIII 34924768
240 H.Y. International Trading Co Mr. M. Yousuf Warehousing / Trading 06 B-X 35083658
241 Laiqam Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Mubarak Hussain Mr. Abdul Rasheed Awan & Mr. Kamran Shah Warehousing / Trading E-14 C-VII 35872683-84
242 Hemani Trading International (PH-II) Mr. Mustafa Muhammed Hussain Hemani Warehousing / Trading 05 & 16 E-IV  
243 Denim Clothing Company (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. Farhan Hanif Warehousing / Trading 6 & 7 E-III  
244 BTI International (PH-II) Mr. Zain Nadeem Beg Warehousing / Trading 12 E-III  
245 Combine Holding (Pvt.) Ltd. (PH-II) Mr. M. Amin Nathani Mr. M. Ashfaq Nathani Warehousing / Trading 09 E-V  
246 Crescent Chemical Company Mr. Abdul Malik Warehousing / Trading 18 C-VII 0333.2188525
247 Ahmed Import & Export House Mian Ziauddin Sheikh Warehousing / Trading F-10 C-VIII 35081358
248 Al-Murtaza Enterprises Mr. Asif Ali Rashid Warehousing / Trading G-9 B-XI 34540558
249 Ghia Industries (Pvt.) Ltd Mr. Muhammad Shahid, Mr. Muhammad ismail Aziz & Mr. Muhammad Asif Warehousing / Trading E-10 B-XI 3219299440
250 Indus Traders Group Mr. Amjad Masood Warehousing / Trading 0I C-VIII 0313.2777877
251 Jubilee Intertrade   Warehousing / Trading H-9 B-XI  
252 General Merchandise Trading Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Rahim Abdul Ghani & Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Trading in General trading items G-13 C-VII 35080619
253 M/s. Steel Vision (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Warehousing / Trading 11 C-IV  
254 M/s. Gexin (Pvt.) Ltd. (Ex-M/s. ZWTC (Pvt.) Ltd.) i) Mr. Abdul Mughiz Mansha, ii)Mr. Daniyal Fayyaz, & iii) Mr. Irfan Dawood, Warehousing / Trading L-18 B-XI 0321-2220921
255 Vision Hub Mr. M. Mohtasim Mirza Warehousing / Trading H-26 C-VII  
256 Zaf Polymers (Trading Unit) Mr. Syed Faraz Alam Mr. S.M Zaheer Alam Ms. Ghazala Zaheer Warehousing / Trading 10 A-VII  
257 Conver Pak International Mr. Omair Khurshid Warehousing / Trading A-I B-XI 35082074
258 M/s. Sonraj International (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Rameez Sattar, Warehousing / Trading H-5 C-VIII  
259 Hemani Trading International (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Mustafa M. Hssain Warehousing / Trading K-18 B-XI  
260 Ashraf Riaz (Pvt.) Ltd.   Warehousing / Trading C-I B-XI  
261 Pioneer Tobacco & Trading Co Mr. Muhammad Umair & Mr. Shahzada Faisal Production & Trading of Cigarettes and allied products 10 A-IV  
262 Maraya International (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Jalal Khan & Mr. Bilal Khan Tobacco & its allied tobacco products i.e. cigarettes 02 B-VIII  
263 Anam Safety First Traders  (Pvt.) Ltd.,  Mr. Hassan Ali, Mr. Muhammad Abid, & Mr. Muhammad Nawaz, Warehousing / Trading I-6 C-VIII  
264 M/s. Royal Impex (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Muhammad Muhtasim Mirza & Mr. Faizan, Warehousing / Trading 02 (C-VIII)  
265 Soneri Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Ex-H. Nizam Din & Sons (Pvt.) Ltd.) Mr. Pervaiz, & Mrs. Gulnaz Pervaiz Trading & Manufacturing of Confectionery Items 12 C-V 0332-8277855
266 Ali Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Ms. Anam Ali & Ms. Ifra Ali Trading of cigarette, cut tobaco & cigarette machiner along-with manufacturing of Cigarete 09 & 10 C-V  
267 Diamond S. Trading (SMC-Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Muhammad Ali Trading in eleven (11) items along-with tiles & autoparts 17 D-VIII  

Sialkot Export Processing Zone

S.  No Name of Unit Name of owner Line Of Production Address of the unit (Plot # & Sector #) Contact No.
1 M/s Kicker Sports Shoaib Jahangir Sport goods  Plot No1& 2/A  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3550142
2 M/s Utex (Pvt)Ltd Abdul Rehman Trousers, Jeans, Shorts, Jackets, leather textile and hosiery ware. Plot No 331/332/33-B SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0323-7733085
3 M/s KM Ashraf Protective Goods Masharaf Iqbal Khawaja Sports Goods (Body protective goods) Plot No 6/A SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3540645
4 M/s Kirama Trading Hassan Khilji Hosiery & Garments Plot No 52-C SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0301-4609098
5 M/s Sun Steel Ind. Jamil Akhtar Manufacturing of MS steel pipes assorted sizes Plot No 304-A  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-6524321
6 M/s Fort Industries Muhammad Rizwan Textile Garments i.e. fashion garments, work ware, sports ware,belts,shoes Plot No 7-A SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-6523352
7 M/s Sonic Enterprises Qaisar Mehmood Paint brushes, components, Painting Tools/accessories and Paint production Plot No 68/B  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0321-6663332
8 M/s Swengg Co. Javaid Iqbal Manufacturing of surgical, dental and medical instrument Plot No 29-B SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-6525710
9 M/s Veer Sports (Pvt)Ltd Khawaja Masood Akhtar Bags & Wallets FOR SPORTS AND FASHION PRODUCTS Plot No 262-265/A  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0345-6680900
10 M/s Forward Gear Khawaja Masood Akhtar Bags and Wallets Sports as a sports  Fashion products lot No 267-268/A  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0345-6680900
11 M/s AZ Enterprises Yousaf  Iqbal Fiber Cleaning by solvent & recovery of solvent  (Recycling of Fiber mainly processed by waste from selvedge cut, vest edges, hybrid yarn, tire code Plot No 78,79,98,90/C  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0333-4131068
12 M/s Sino Metal Mr. Imran Purification of Copper FROM ELECTRONIC SCRAP Plot No 134B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0312-7120023
13 M/s Top Class Plastic Sheikh Muhammad Asif Manufacturing of Shoes , Slipper (finished/semi-finished) EVA/PEVA Compound, Artificial Leather & Garden House Pipe Plot No 15/B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0306-4066447
14 M/s Conendo Surgical Javaid Iqbal Manufacturing of surgical, dental, medical instrument. Plot No 246-C  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3554901
15 M/s Prime Food & Fruit Ind. Jamshed Akhter Frozen and canned foods items, juices, dry fruits, species and pulses with the logo of  hilal. Plot No 64/C  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0307-6130004
16 M/s Finery Metal Muhammad Anwar Manufactures/imports and exports of metal and metallic ores, Recycling plastic scrap and Grain Mfg. as Additional Line Plot No 145-A  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0333-6258786
17 M/s SSB Recycling Ind. M. Afzal Shaheen Segregation and crushing of mix metal scrap Plot No 403-C  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-6525501
18 M/s Sweet Home Asif Iqbal Manufacturing of  Exports of home textile, Garments,  work wear and fashion Plot No 64,65/B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0332-8667854
19 M/s Sabir Enterprises Sabir Hassan Butt G.I sheet, CRC Sheet, HRS Sheet, Mfg. of Steel Bowl, Panel Board, Racks as Pipes etc Plot No 177-C SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0321-8100549
20 M/s Integral Marketing Muhammad Shahzad Manufacturing of Zippers , Buttons & Garments Accessories Plot No 85,86/B  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0321-8434054
21 M/s Gold Star Medical Instrument Sikandar Hayat Manufacturing of medical, dental,veterinary instruments and reusable single use laryngoscope and anesthesia products,hospital furniture & equipments,lab garments,bed sheets,towel,head cover,masks,gloves Plot No 375/B SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0303-3336969
22 M/s Global Industry & Trading Tahir Hussain Malik Recycling of metals, e electrical, electronics and other scrap etc. except plastic scrap and produce products i.e metal bricks, metallic blocks, ingots, metals in Semi finish and finished. Plot No 58-A SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-8451432
23 M/s Rainbow Industry Malik Muhammad Hanif Converting paper board item, stationary items Corrugated Cartons , Packaging boxes etc Plot No 114-C  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-6103145
24 M/s Quality Flavor Faizan Ahmed Manufacturing of spies,salt,flvors,premixes,fragrances,flavoring system,ingredients ettc Plot No 296-B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0322-6814036
25 M/s Hunza Organics M. Zahid Durani Processing/Trading of organic dried foods ingredients, herbs and nuts etc. Plot No 130-A  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0333-4349488
26 M/s JMS Tradewell Int. Khuram Javaid Sethi Processing Leather finishing, stitching of leather and Fabric garments, Gloves, Bags, Shoes, Accessories Plot No 220,221/B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3511537
27 M/s Waltan Matrix Mirza Abdul Manan Farooq Ground support equipment’s/ Assembling welding, painting etc. Plot No 308/B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-8456145
28 M/s Trango Tek M.Ashraf Bhutta Manufacturing of personal protective equipment’s (dipped gloves) Plot No 458-A  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0321-9619957
29 M/s Exact Sourcing Khuram Javaid Sethi Trading  / Warehouse unit import, export and trading i.e  woven and non-woven fabric, bladders for footballs, rubber foam, sheets/rolls,gloves,inserts,taxtile coated fabric, textile quilted fabric, motor bike,garments,protectors,Velcro,buttons,accessories,fleece,fur,soft shell fabric,Kevlar,mesh etc.  Plot No 331-B SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0345-6681218
30 M/s  Safe Tech Muhammad Tayab Manufacturing of riding safety equipment, equestrian gear, horse nutrition grooming & stable products etc Plot No 161-B  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0321-7778714
31 M/s Jannat Trading  Tahir Muhmood Bhutta Scaffolding Frames ,walking boards and accessories i.e. scaffolding metal,walk,boards,metal jack,basis,metal hooks, metal rings, metal parapets, metal scaffolding,pipes,metal wood,waist,rings,nutts,rods,nutts,supporting pipes etc Plot No 260-261/C  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0333-8643864
32 M/s Hakson Manufacturing Muhammad Aslam Manufacturing of protective uniform/gloves/safety garments etc. Plot No 277/B & 406/C   SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0333-8723728
33 M/s Block International Muhammad Umair Salt Handicraft & salt lamp etc Plot No 414-D  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3224250
34 M/s Unisam Recycling Malik Zain Manufacturing  metals, metallic ores and plastic Plot No 224//B  SIE III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0336-3088889
35 M/s Tritex Industries Hassan Zulfiqar Assembly of zipper and allied products Plot No 101/B  SIE-II  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0322-2555122
36 M/s ACME Surgical Ashfaq Ahmed Surgical,Dental and Veterinary instruments Plot No 11,12/B   SIE-III  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-6156698
37 M/s MatSa Enterprises Shahid Mehmood Apparel of Sports wears & Fashion wear Plot No 4/A/  SIE-II  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0322-6151800
38 M/s Tech Textile  Ramzan Kawish Textile weaving, knitting, finishing motor bike garments,worke ware fashion garments , bags and yam  Plot No 59/A/  SIE-III  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-9611881
39 M/s Eminent Company Affan Ahmed Composite sports goods,i.e composite hockey stick, composite padel,rackets and allied products. Plot No 326,327/B   SIE-III  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-8613151
40 M/s Ayesh Medical Pervaiz Shafqat Ali Dental and surgical instruments Plot No 353/B,  SIE-II  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0332-222778-8
41 M/s Anwar Khwaja Ind. Khawar Anwar Khawaja Manufacturing Of Bladders,Garments and Helmets etc Plot No 269-274/A SIE-II  SEPZ Sambrial Sialkot 0331-6162157
42 M/s Espak Int. Abdul Qadeer Bhatti Manufacturing of Beauty Surgical Plot No 5/A SIE-III EPZ Sambrial Sialkot 0300-8612527
43 M/s AHA Foods (Pvt)Ltd Abu Hasim Paracha Production Processing & Packing of Food Products Plot No 259/A Epz Sambrial Sialkot 0336-80426
44 M/s Fibretex International M. Asif Majid Manufacturing of Textile Garments I.e Ladies,Children,Men’s Fashion and Sports clothing and sports goods Plot No 91-92/B Epz Sambrial Sialkot 0337-4749907
45 M/s YYK Zipper Industry Mr Tariq Javed Manufacturing Of Zipper Products Plot No 13/B Epz Sambrial Sialkot 0321-6115500
46 M/s Felcity Sports Awais Habib Khan Sports Goods Plot No 233,234/B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3512360
47 M/s High Scope M. Tanvir Gemstones lapidary Plot No 222/B SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-6522123
48 M/s Spinneys Corporation M. Rafique Surgical Items Plot No 82/C SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-425950
49 M/s KM Ashraf Sportswear Masharaf Iqbal Khawaja Garments,Socks Plot No 128,129/A SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3540645
50 M/s Sodagher Leather Ind. Zulfiqar Ali Leather Gloves & Garments Plot No 68,70/B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-3558163
51 M/s Ahmed Poly Mian Shahzada Plastic extrusion excluding PVC Plot No 312/BB  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 052-6524335
52 M/s Mir Khlid Leatherwear Khalid Javed MIr Shirts,Jackets,Gloves from fabric and leather Plot No 60,33/C  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0308-6442160
53 M/s KK Metal Ind. Zeshan Afzal Purification of copper Plot No 120/A  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0333-5737100
54 M/s Tradewell International Javaid Mehmood Sethi Improt , Export Manufacturing of football bladders ,Nails Plot No 1,2/B  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0345-6681218
55 M/s Bajwa G.O.I Malik Muhammad Hanif Used textile clothing and worn article Plot No 125/A  SIE-III SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-6103145
56 M/s Forward Sport (Pvt) Ltd Khawaja Masood Akhtar Football & other sport goods Plot No 261 YO 265/A  SIE-II SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0345-6680900
57 M/s IIK Industries Kamran Haider Manufacturing Of Steel Pan Plot No 229,230/B  SIE  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-2168757
58 M/s Matlan Exporter Kashif Ali Purification of copper Plot No 310/B  SIE  SEPZ Sambrial Sialkot 0305-6300577
59 M/s Greiz Metal Imran Manufacturing Copper Ingot, aluminum Ingot & Zinc Plot No 433,434/C  SIE-iii  SEPZ Sambrial Sialkot 0312-7120023
60 M/s SMR Enginering M. Idrees Engine ring like engine,gear box,cylinder head, turbo Plot No  64,65/B SIE-III Sambrial, Sialkot 052-6524175
61 M/s Llooyds & Sons M. Saeed Surgical Instruments Plot No  46,48/A & 98/B SIE-III Sambrial, Sialkot 052-6524171
62 M/s Intergame Qaisar Javaid Leather products i.e Jackets,trousers,shorts,pants,wais coats,socks and glves  Plot No 193,194/C SIE-III Sambrial, Sialkot 052-6524170
63 M/s Lucky Dimond  Sami Ullah Garments, knitted/woven, home textile made-up with order fabric products and packing material. Plot No 19/B   SIE-III  SEPZ Sabmrial Siakot 0300-7422297
64 M/s Muta Industries Nouman Idris Butt Manufacturing of sportswear Plot No 175,176/C EPZ Sambrial Sialkot 0321-6164698
65 M/s Capital Sports Noman Idrees Butt Manufacturing of Footballs,Sportswear,Bags and Accessories etc Plot No 08 to 11/A SIE-III EPZ Sambrial Sialkot 052-4265831
66 M/s Ask Sports Abdul Bashir Khudayar Manufacturing Of All Types of garments (trousers,shorts,shirts,jackets,wests,bags,pouches,gloves,shoes and accessories) Plot No 233,234/B SIE-III EPZ Sambrial Sialkot 0321-2089997
67 M/s GMP Chemicals (Pvt)Ltd Ghulam Mustafa Paracha Manufacturing Import & Export of Chemicals Plot No 258/A SIE-III Sambrial Sialkot 0321-81014914
68 M/s FJS International Afzal Shaheen Trading Unit For Trading of 11 Items in same states plot no 404/C SIE-II EPZ Sambrial Sialkot 0333-4244814
69 M/s Dekhan Corporation Naeem Khadim Manufacturing and exporter of all type of garments Plot No 166,167/B S.I,E-II Sambrial Sialkot 0301-8614413


Sr.No Name of Units/Factory Name of Owner Line Of Production Address of Units Plots/Status Contact Details
1 M/s Regal Food Industries Zahoor Ahmed, M. Amin,Azhar Mehmood, Ahmed Zulqarnain Food & Vegetable Processing S.I.E No 3, 208-A 0333-4283645
2 M/s E.S.F Enterprises Muhammad. Khalil  Shoes, Sandles S.I.E No 3, 179-B 0097-167435767
3 M/s Khawaja Tex  Khawja Javid, Mehmood Khawja, Tariq Mehmood Textile & Garments Products S.I.E No 3, 197-A 0300-9511545
4 Ms/ Domestico Engineering Dr. Mehboob Elahi,Kashif Mehboob Rana, Shahida Mehboob Rana, Qasim Mehboob Rana, Sadaf Mehboob Rana Gas Appliances S.I.E No 3, 182-A 055-3864276
5 M/s Adlon Corporation Dr. Ayub Adil Cosmetics S.I.E No 3, 87-A 0300-9646151
6 M/s Alfalah Industries M. Ashraf Butt, M. Aslam Ashraf Butt, Zeeshan Ali Butt Lubricants, Grease Insulting Oil, Plastic Accessories S.I.E No 3, 90,92-A 055-3477190-92
7 M/s Shoukat Brother's Soap Manufacturs  Shoukat Javid, Liaqat Ali  Soap Manufacturing S.I.E No 3, 156,155,153-A 055-3002175
8 M/s Sonex Alloy Casting Ikhlaq Ahmed Butt, Nasreen Ikhlaq, Ghulam Dastgir, Hasnain Ikhlaq Butt Cookware Utensils S.I.E No 3, 208-A 055-4283774-75
9 M/s Kiran Metal Works Abdul Rauf, M. Farooq Alloy Metal Cooking Pans S.I.E No 3, 183-A 0300-8647874
10 M/s ZR Apprarel Dr. Mehboob Elahi Rana, Qasim Mehboob Garmets S.I.E No 3, 182-B 0300-8447080
11 M/s Burhan Gas Company Abdul Latif, M. Rafique Composit Gas Cylinder S.I.E No 3, 176,178-A 0300-6455534
12 S.S & Sons Usman Salahuddin Regrind Plastic Flakes S.I.E No 3, 133-A 0300-6489500
13 M/s A.T Enterprises  M. Arshad, Maqsood Ahmed Alluminium/stainless steel-untensils-scrap-processing S.I.E No 3, 158-B 0300-8640772
14 M/s Syrko Group Of Industries Umar Sajjad, Yasir Arfat, Rashid Sajjad, Khurram Sajjad Melamine-Kitchenware S.I.E No 3, 23-C 0321-3216466
15 M/s Shamir Recycling Shagufta Dasgir, Rana Unsam Ali Masroor Recycling Plastic Granules 042-363720613
16 M/s Escort International Mrs. Mubeen Aleem Garmets S.I.E No 3, 207-C 0300-6489500
17 M/s Escort International (Trading) Mrs. Mubeen Aleem Garmets S.I.E No 3, 206-C 0300-6489500
18 M/s T & M Chemicals Shehroz Rasheed, Rukhsar Shehroz Solvent dyes S.I.E No 3, 14-C 0322-5566070
19 Ms/AIR Metal Works Imran Sittar Metal Scrap S.I.E No 3, 93-A 0302-8741893
20 M/s Flux Metal Recycling Noor Ahmed, Bilal Ahmed, Fiyaz Ahmed, Miraj Ahmed Metal Scrap S.I.E No 3, 130-B 0334-4525399,0321-7162101
21 M/s AK International Asim Ashfaq, Khurram Ashfaq, Fareeha Khurram Alluminium/stainless steel-untensils-scrap-processing S.I.E No 3, 109,111-A 0321-8642830
22 M/s Ruha-k-Trading Company Majid Zia Non-Stick Cookware S.I.E No 3, 52-D 0300-8429480
23 Ms/ Brothers Plastic Industries M. Usman Butt Plastic Recycling S.I.E No 3, 90,92-A 0333-6406464
24 M/s W. Brothers Apperal M. Waqar, Waqas Afzal Garmets S.I.E No 3, 86-A
25 M/s 3 Star International Rana Abbas Afzal Khan Electronic Products S.I.E No 3, 69-D 0321-2720674


S.No. Name of Unit Name of Owner Line of Production Address of Unit Contact No.
1 M/s 4 Brothers International Mr. Shafaat Ahmad  Processing of paper and related products  Sector-B, Plot No.14 Mob: 0332-2951517 0321-5907521
2 M/s Ittehad Industry Mr. Said Hussain  Plastig bags and allied products  Sector-B, Plot No.17 Mob: 0321-5172877
3 M/s Pak International Engeneering Mr. Muhammad Asghar Reconductioning of use machinery  Sector-B, Plot No.15 Mob: 051-4416609
4 M/s Pak Al Mashriq Glass Processor Mr. Mohammad Qasim  Glass modification, designing and shaping  Sector-B, Plot No.1 Mob: 0331-9946343 Mob: (Afghanistan) 0093783875883 
5 M/s Crest Packaging Industry Mr. Zulfiqar Khan  Paper packaging and converging  Sector-B, Plot No.13  Mob: 0300-5700101
6 M/s Risalpur Mineral Processing Project Mr. Saeed Khan Copper and allied minerals processing  Sector-C, Plot No.1-A Mob: 0320-7000280 0334-9119138
7 M/s SKP Food Industry Mr. Shafi Ullah  Food items and confesionaries  Sector-A, Plot No.1 Mob: 0300-5948909
8 M/s SKP Food and Trading  Mr. Shafi Ullah  trading and warehousing  Sector-A, Plot No.1 "
9 M/s Pearl Riiver Minning (Pvt) Limited Hong Liange Copper and allied minerals processing  Sector-C, Plot No.2-3 Mob: 0336-5879546
10 M/s Parona PVC Plastic and Allied Products  Mr. Farhad Khan(C.E.O) PVC plastic and Allied products  Sector-A, Plot No.28 Mob:0345-9453003
11 M/s Al Rehman International  Mr. Abdul Rehman Magsi  Copper and allied minerals processing ore Sector-A, Plot No.6 Mob:0342-3216549
12 M/s Rose Gold Mines (Pvt) Limited  Muhammad Saeed Ahmad Copper and allied minerals processing  Sector-A, Plot No.2-3 Mob: 0322-3304000 ,03215117688
13 M/s Awal Khan  Awal Khan Ceiling tiles and allied products  C-3b,Sector-3 Mob:0313-9900144
14 M/s Iron Tech Engineering  Amjad Khan Nails, bolts, Mash Wires, and related products  Sector-B, Plot No.28 Mob:0321-5900028
15 M/s Del Mac United (Pvt) Ltd Muhammad Numan Khan Refurbishing of Used Computers  Sector-B, Plot No.4 Mob:0322-9118943
16 M/s Alf Oil & Allied Indutsry N/A Oil and lubricants  Sector-B, Plot No.18 Mob: 0333-2155589, 00971-6-5263475
17 M/s Ittefaque Plastic Industry Muhammad Ashgar Manufacturing of Plastic Shoes Sector-B, Plot No.16 Mob: 0300-8563637
18 M/s Amin Engineering AminUllah  Overhauling of Used and Old Dump Truck Sector-B, Plot No.5 NA 
19 M/s Accurtae Fabrication Muhammad Ashraf Fabrication and assembling vehicle Motorcycle Sector-B, Plot No.2 Mob: 021-4559076
20 M/s Alpenglow Pharmaceuitacls (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Sabir Rehman Pharmaceuticals Products Sector-A, Plot No. 7 0334-5273232
21 M/s China Pakistan Tobacco Company Mr. Murad Khan Manufacturing Tobacco Based Products Sector A, Plot A-14 Mob: 0336-5530308
22 M/s Elite manufacturing Pvt ltd Mr. Zaheer Ahmad Awan Printed Advertising goods and aluminum  Sector A, Plot A-8, A-9 057-2520571
23 M/s Syced Stone Zubair Anjum Engineering works N/A N/A
24 M/s Trade and Traders Mr. Shafaat Ahmad  trading unit N/A Mob: 0332-2951517 0321-5907521
25 M/s Pak china tobacco Murad Khan trading unit Sector A, Plot A-14  
26 M/s Rush Industries Mr.Saqib Saeeed,Meena Saqib manufacturing plastic/granulates